Scholarship assistance to attend Musiktheater Bavaria is available! Because the availability of scholarship funds depends on the generosity of our donors, the pool of funds may be different each year. Scholarships are awarded in increments of $500, ranging from $500 to $3,000. However, we do sometimes have larger scholarships available if we have donors who wish to sponsor them. Usually over 80% of our students receive scholarship offers!

You may also want to check with your college or university about whether you can arrange independent study credit for study at MTB, and whether you may be eligible for financial aid from your school.

Applying early is a plus, and allows you more time to plan your own additional personal fundraising if you are accepted.


Musiktheater Bavaria is committed to ensuring that performers from all economic backgrounds may apply for this unique and valuable summer program, and is nondiscriminatory as to sex, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or any other protected classification under applicable law, in the administration of its scholarship program.

Financial assistance is intended to be need-based for most of our scholarships, but merit is also considered. Consideration may be based upon any of the following: one’s degree of talent, uniqueness of abilities, preparedness for study in the MTB program and/or degree of financial need.

Because MTB wishes to help as many highly-talented young artists as possible, students who have already attended MTB with scholarship assistance in a previous year usually are not given priority for a scholarship in a subsequent year. There may on some occasions be exceptions to this policy, at the discretion of MTB and depending on the needs of the program. Former MTB scholarship students are welcome to inquire about this!


The MTB admission application includes instructions for submitting a personal statement to request consideration for a scholarship, and it is submitted along with your application documents.

You can work to effectively raise funds on your own!

As you try to raise money on your own to fund your MTB study, you will find that you may be quite successful if you start early and put some real time into it. Many people are willing to help, once they understand the prestige of the MTB program and the value of the career training and performance opportunities you will have at Musiktheater Bavaria.

Especially if you apply and are accepted to MTB early, you may have the time to research grants from local or national foundations to which you may apply to help you pay your tuition. One good place to start your research may be at, or at any local community foundation listing in your area. Some areas also have competitions whose winners are granted funds that can be used for a summer opera training program or a summer musical theater training program. Sometimes alumni associations, sororities, fraternities or local clubs have funds for which one can apply.

Performing artists should be comfortable with marketing themselves, so if you need to raise funds, be creative! Some students have held benefit concerts or events, and some have raised thousands by deciding to actively seek contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and clubs. Many have used social media to reach a wide network.



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