Musiktheater Bavaria prepared me for the next steps in a career for singing, but it also gave me a deeper appreciation and love for what I do. I had heard good things about MTB from others, but just hearing about the program through alumni could never have prepared me for how much this program influenced me as a singer and as a person. I will always be grateful for this experience.

Sarah, soprano | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

I feel like I've improved more in this one month than in three years of college!

Nicole, mezzo-soprano | Milton, GA

• • • • • •

I couldn't have asked for a more developing and rewarding experience. I loved the quantity and quality of lessons and coachings, I loved learning some German (and Katja!) and am inspired to take German next year, I loved the unbelievable teachers and students and masterclasses, and it was so nice to have such a full schedule and with weekends off to travel.

Matthew, baritone | Toronto, Canada

• • • • • •

I have been involved in many other programs, and I loved the fact that this program felt like a kind of musical retreat in which I could...communicate with all of my teachers and coaches on a daily basis, which was extremely helpful in my personal growth as a singer. I LOVED this program!

Zoe, soprano | Los Angeles, CA

• • • • • •

I didn't know I could learn that much in a month!

Kevin, tenor | Olive Branch, MS

• • • • • •

This is a far better program than others I've done, as far as the environment for pianists. I liked having weekends off, so there's time to relax and process things. Also, as an older, advanced student, I still learned things here. I'd recommend it!

Jasper, pianist | Los Angeles, CA

• • • • • •

MTB's intensive, one-on-one work environment helped me achieve a vocal standard that seemed almost impossible for me [when I began the program].

Isabella, dancer | Ormond Beach, FL

• • • • • •

MTB has been a life changing event that has really helped solidify my career choice in music. I look at myself and music differently because of this experience. The life of a professional tenor, here I come!

Anthony, tenor | Winter Park, FL

• • • • • •

The instruction provided by this program is second to none. In just four weeks, I was able to make significant advances in my life as a performer. This was the best-organized summer program I've done.

Derek, baritone | Chicago, IL

• • • • • •

MTB was the experience of a lifetime. The location is beautiful, the faculty is nurturing, and the opportunities for learning are one of a kind.

Jennifer, soprano | Harrisonburg, VA

• • • • • •

The past month has been the most life-changing experience of my life. I cannot believe how much I've grown not only musically, but as a person. So much talent and love was shared at MTB this summer and I wouldn't have spent my summer any other way.

Raul, baritone | Fort Myers, FL

• • • • • •

This has been an unforgettable experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life... I was immersed in an environment that challenged and motivated me to do my best. I feel that I have made so much improvement!

Lyndsey, soprano | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

The experience I've had this summer far surpasses any prior expectations. I feel as though what I learned this summer will forever stick with me. The MTB family has provided me with a truly productive and eye opening experience.

Eric, tenor | Rockville Center, NY

• • • • • •

I learned more than I ever knew I could in such a short time. Musiktheater Bavaria is an incredible program with a world-class team of teachers, coaches, and directors... Every day was an extraordinary learning experience.

Emily, soprano | Winter Park, FL

• • • • • •

This program has been truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will cherish forever... It has completely changed everything for me.

Andrew, baritone | Oxford, MS

• • • • • •

I learned so much at MTB! I feel as though this program equipped me with the necessary skills to go out into a professional opera and musical theater career. The instructors were full of life and energy, making it a very positive and exciting learning experience. I would highly recommend this program to any young singer who wants to pursue a career in opera or musical theater.

Lauren, soprano | Corpus Christi, TX

• • • • • •

My heart is so full of love for this place, these people, and the music we've made together... I know that I've become a very different, happier, more focused person this summer and I'm excited to get down to business at college. Thank you all for believing in me, challenging me, supporting me, and changing my life for the better.

Simone, soprano | Steubenville, OH

• • • • • •

MTB exceeded my expectations. This has been by far my greatest, most influential experience musically of my life. The faculty is the BEST I’ve ever worked with anywhere! They make it the most positive, encouraging learning environment. I’ve learned more at MTB in 4 weeks than in 3 years at school.

Annie, soprano belter | Charlottesville, VA

The MTB faculty members are some of the best people I have ever worked with in my life. I’d give anything for a year with this dream team!

David, tenor | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

I am so thankful for this past month... My time in Bavaria has been brilliantly spent. I've compared recordings of my voice lessons from the beginning of this program to the end, and I'm astounded by the progress I've made in healthy vocal technique.

Kathryn, soprano belter | El Paso, TX

• • • • • •

I have done a lot of summer programs, and MTB is the only one that made me feel like a 'real' singer... a glimpse into the professional world of opera singers in Germany that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.

Leah, soprano | Gladwyne, PA

• • • • • •

MTB taught me about the skills needed to become a vocal coach and provided a supportive environment in which I could ask questions and work on the skills I lack. The coaches were fantastic!

Rosa, pianist | Rochester, NY

• • • • • •

I am sad to see this program coming to an end. I have met amazing friends and teachers - my life is forever changed!

Rebecca, soprano | Troy, NC

• • • • • •

When I was looking at summer programs, I wasn't sure whether MTB would be worth the money. It was. I learned so much every week, my teacher and coaches were great, I definitely improved my dance skills, and the master classes were amazing. And Bavaria was really fun! This was probably the best summer of my life.

Daniel, bass | Memphis, TN

• • • • • •

Musiktheater Bavaria was truly the experience of a lifetime. The knowledge that I was exposed to will not only stay with me for years to come, but will influence the way that I write and perceive music forever.

Justin, tenor | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

I cannot say enough good things about MTB. The level of professionalism and expectations allows the students to reach their full potential and the faculty is top-notch. This program is structured and organized well. Oberaudorf is the perfect town... It’s a safe environment to learn and grow as a young artist.

Chelsea, soprano | Los Angeles, CA

• • • • • •

MTB was a fantastic musical and cultural experience. I loved the chance to learn more about my art within a beautiful, relaxed and completely different setting. Inviting opera singers, pianists and musical theater performers to work together as a group creates a unique and awesome environment. Also, this was a very safe and comfortable experience for students traveling alone internationally for the first time.

Alyssa, pianist | Cincinnati, OH

• • • • • •

MTB gave me the quality training I was seeking. Aside from the physical training an actor needs to succeed, the program really gave me an insight on the business, how to market myself as an actress, and ideas on what the next step would be for me as a post-undergraduate.

Amanda, mezzo-soprano | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

I have met so many amazing people who have changed my outlook and life altogether... Now I can go back home with the knowledge and musicianship I have gained from this program - I received much, much more than expected from this experience... I can be confident in my abilities and do what I was born to do. And that is to perform.

D'Vonte, baritone | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

When I was accepted into MTB I knew it would be wonderful, but I didn't expect it to be as completely, exhilaratingly, life-changingly wonderful as it has been! At MTB you will receive the highest quality vocal instruction and coaching from faculty who are open, encouraging, knowledgable, and supportive. You will practice, perform, and receive valuable feedback regularly. And you will do it all in the most beautiful, warm-hearted little town in all of Germany. The adventures I had, the people I met, the knowledge I acquired, and the perspective I gained have changed me as a performer and as a person. I cannot praise the faculty, my fellow students, the program, or the town of Oberaudorf (and its food!) enough. If you are thinking about auditioning for MTB, stop thinking about it and do it! Professionally and personally, it is the experience of a lifetime!

Shannon, soprano | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

When I came to MTB I was undecided about whether I wanted to pursue a singing career, and was thinking about both opera and musical theater. This may sound strange, but one of the good things about MTB was that it made me realize that professional singing is not for me right now. I really liked the voice lessons and the coachings, and all the practical advice about careers helped me to understand I would not like the uncertainty of that lifestyle. I loved Oberaudorf, and how friendly and patient all the German people were!

Natasha, soprano | Orlando, FL

• • • • • •

Thank you for all you have done for me! I know I'm good enough now, and I feel confident about how to audition. You've done wonders for me, and I'm so thankful that God brought me here. It's been life-changing.

Mallory, singer/dancer | Cocoa, FL

• • • • • •

Musiktheater Bavaria was life changing and eye opening. I learned so much about opera, theater, and myself. This trip has further solidified my path. Now I know how to start training higher and harder and I will succeed in this business!

Jenna, mezzo-soprano | Winter Park, FL



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